The race categories and costs are as follows. Register at Search for “2022 Eastern Ontario Cyclocross” and select for the series or for one of eight single day races. For any specific registration related questions, please contact

Categories and Costs

U11 Male/Female

  • Date of birth: Born 2013 and later
  • Cost: Season only – $22

U13 Male/Female

  • Date of birth: Born 2011-2012
  • Cost: Season only – $22

U15 Male/Female*

  • Date of birth: Born 2009-2010
  • Cost: $48

U17 Male/Female

  • Date of birth: Born 2007-2008
  • Cost: $48

U19 (Junior) M/W

  • Date of birth: Born 2005-2006
  • Cost: $65

Senior M/W

  • Date of birth: Born 1994-2004
  • Cost: $130

Master A M/W

  • Date of birth: Born 1984-1993
  • Cost: $130

Master B M/W

  • Date of birth: Born 1974-1983
  • Cost: $130

Master C M/W

  • Date of birth: Born 1964-1973
  • Cost: $130

Master D Women

  • Date of birth: Born 1963 and earlier
  • Cost: $130

Master D Men

  • Date of birth: Born 1954-1963
  • Cost: $130

Master E Men

  • Date of birth: Born 1953 and earlier
  • Cost: $130

*Note: U15 Group B category is available for new riders that would prefer to race in the shorter race with U13. Rider must register as a U15 and email to transfer to U15 Group B. Available for both male and female riders.

Please note:

  • Rates apply to MALE or FEMALE categories
  • Single day regardless of category $28 (except U11 and U13 which is season only)
  • Fees do not include the necessary OCA permit or license, If you are not certain please check the OCA website
  • Permits and/or Licenses will be available during your CCN registration
  • All series riders, regardless of category,  must have an Ontario Provincial License or UCI License. Ontario Provincial Licenses are available for Quebec residents during registration on CCN.
  • Single day riders can register with an Ontario Provincial License, a UCI License or a single day permit (maximum 3 times)
  • EOCX has no ability to alter or exempt any matters related to race permits or licenses. Any questions or concerns on the matter MUST be directed to the OCA
  • CCN fees and taxes (HST) are separate
  • Race registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable to another race or rider
  • Cyclocross categories are based on the age of the rider on Dec 31, 2023
  • Registration closes Wednesday at 11:59PM each week and re-opens Sunday evening
  • Master aged riders may choose to race up a category (i.e. Master B can race Master B, Master A or Senior)

Number Pick-up

Number pick-up will be available before the season starts. Dates, times and location will be provided later. Riders must show their race licence in order to pick-up race numbers, no exceptions! Riders can pick-up numbers for other riders provided they have a copy of their race licence. Riders who are unable to pick-up their numbers ahead of time can do so on-site the morning of the race.


This year about half the races will be set-up a day in advance of the race, the other half will need day-of installation. At the end of the last race for each week, if anyone is able to stick around to assist with course teardown, it would be greatly appreciated. Call outs for volunteers will be made when required. If anyone is interested in helping at any time, please contact