Each rider will be given three numbers. The two smaller numbers are placed on the rider’s shoulders, reading forward. The larger number is placed on the rider’s left hip. Cloth numbers will be provided to series riders and disposable paper numbers will be provided to single-day riders. Series riders must keep their numbers for the entire season and wear them for all races. Single-day riders will be provided with new numbers should they wish to participate in any additional races.

Timing Chips

Riders who have registered for the entire series will be given a timing chip and a bracket to mount to their bike when picking up race numbers. The chip is to be used for the entire season. Please avoid number and timing chip mix-ups with other family members. Mounting brackets from previous years can be re-used and this is encouraged. Timing chips from previous years cannot be re-used since they need to be re-programmed. New timing chips will be issued to each rider. Old timing chips can be returned at number pick-up for future use.
Riders who have registered for single-day races will be issued a disposable timing chip that mounts to the seat post with a zip tie. 

Riders who have a spare bike for the pit require an additional timing chip and holder. These will be issued at number pick-up.

Placement of Timing Chip

The best location to mount the timing chip is on the seat post using the bracket and zip ties but if that’s not possible then use the seat stay. If using the seat stay it’s probably best on the non-drive side. There will be an antenna set up both sides of the course so chips can be mounted on the other seat stay if necessary. The chips should be oriented as close to parallel to the wheel as possible.  Chips should be removed from the bikes between races especially if the bikes are being transported outside the vehicle on bike racks. The mechanical vibration from the wind over time can damage the chip making it unreadable.

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Placement of Disposable Timing Chip