Perth Race Special Notes

EOCX’ers! This weekend’s course Conlon Farm Recreation Complex in Perth has some  complications that we want you to be aware of:

  1. Race start: The red portion of the map is the start, it is NOT part of the regular course but needed to give riders a clean start without hard corners and spread the field. You will start at the red bar on the road. It will be less of an angle going onto the grass than the image shows.
  2. Parking: Lot 1 and Lot 3 will be open at all times. Lot 2 will be closed during the races to avoid vehicle crossing the course. Lot 4 will be the most regulated, the far end is closed for the course, the entrance will be closed during races and drivers will have to watch when leaving with warm up riders. Would advise people staying the day or NOT in a desperate need to leave to park here. Lot 5 will be open at all times except 10 min before the start of each race. Drivers can only leave from that lot to the left.

We will  need some volunteers for the start and during the race to monitor these key areas. Please come find Vince on site if you can help out.