Paris-Roubaix Maps

Maps for 2017

The routes are the same as last year.  You’ll see that the gpx files are labelled 2016.

2017 Classic Route 80 Km
2017 Classic Route gpx file

2017 Short Route 40 km
2017 Short Route gpx file

Maps for 2016 (updated April 26th)

2016 Classic (long)  Route PDF Map, returning to the 80 K route with the rescheduled date: 2016 OBC-ABC 80k Almonte-Paris-Roubaix

2016 Classic Route (long 80 km) gpx file

2016 Short Route (40 km) PDF Map 2016 OBC-ABC 40k Almonte-Paris-Roubaix

2016 Short Route gpx file can also be found here:


2015  2015 Short Route Map

2015 2015 Short Route data in GPX format

2015  2015 Map and Tip Sheet – Long Route

2015 route data in GPX format – 2015 OBC Almonte PR.gpx

FINAL 2014 Map and Tip Sheet (again, all praise David Bilenkey) – PR2014final.pdf

FINAL 2014 route data in GPX format – PR2014final.gpx

2014 Map and Tip Sheet, (A tip of the hat again to David Bilenkey) – PR2014.pdf

2014 Route data in GPX format – PR2014.gpx

Map and Tip Sheet for 2012 Route (Thanks, once again, to David Bilenkey) – PR2012map.pdf

Map and Tip Sheet for 2011 Route (Thanks, again, to David Bilenkey) – PR2011map.pdf

2010 Map and Tip Sheet (Thanks to David Bilenkey) – 2010_OBC_Almonte_PR_map.pdf