Madison Races

The Madison is a fun two-person relay race where partners tag off to each other to do their alternating laps. We ask that a faster rider team up with a slower rider with the intention of balancing the field or perhaps getting to know someone that you do not normally ride with. It’s supposed to be fun, so don’t sandbag. You can invite your spouse or a friend or people new to cyclocross.  New riders are able to purchase a single day race permit along with their race registration. Reminder that CCN Bikes registration closes Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. for everyone.  Deadline to register your teams is Friday, October 12 at midnight.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, one-day citizen permits are NOT available for this event. Recent changes to the OCA insurance requirements removed this option and we’ve been lobbying to get this more participant-friendly option back but it’s likely too late for this year. We’re working hard on a fix bring back this option for next year. Sorry about that.

There will be 3 races.
This year, because of the large number of riders and because the Madison is meant as a fun, all inclusive event that encourages mixing of riders of all abilities, Race 1 and Race 3 are open to all categories of riders and all levels of ability other than U11, U13 and U15B.

Therefore there is no ‘slower’ or ‘faster’ race.  Races 1 and 3 are equal and for all ability levels.

Each is one hour long. Riders may choose to ride in one of these races, you may not do both (unless there is space after Wed. Oct 11th – see note below).

Race 1: 9:00 a.m.  approx. 60 minutes.
For all categories (except U11, U13 and U15B) and all abilities.

Race 2: 10:30 a.m.  approx. 30 minutes This race is for parent/kid combinations and kid/kid combinations. All U11, U13 and U15B riders must do this race, along with any U15’s who would like a shorter, less competitive race. If a parent/adult rides with a child in this race, they may also ride in one of the other two races. For parents who normally ride with their young riders, they may do so in this race as usual. When they have completed their lap together, then the parent will do their own lap. When the parent comes back to the exchange zone, they will tag their young rider and then accompany them as they complete their lap.  And so on…

Race 3: 11:30 a.m.  approx. 60 minutes
For all categories (except U11, U13 and U15B) and all abilities.

Madison Teams

Teams can be of any combination and we often have parent/child, spouses, friends, young/older riders, experienced rider with a newbie. Just don’t make it two fast riders.

If you have a madison partner set up, send the following information to us at by Friday Oct. 12th at midnight , but the sooner the better. Send:

  • Racing partner names and bib numbers
  • Which race and time

There will be a limit of 60 teams in each of Races 1 and 3.  First come, first served. If your choice of race is full, we will place your team in the other race and notify you.

If you do not have a partner in mind, please send your name, rider number and choice of race to Jay and he will find a partner for you. Again, the deadline is Friday Oct 12th at midnight.

The number of riders this year is high.  We cannot accommodate partnering riders on the spot on Sunday morning. You need to contact Jay in advance (as above) in order to participate.  After Fri. Oct 12th midnight, the race is closed. You may not turn up Sunday morning and ride without having registered your team by Friday midnight.

Riders who want to do both Race 1 and Race 3 may have the opportunity to do so. But they will have to wait until Thursday after the registration closes to see if there is space in one of the races. This information will be posted on this website (home page) and on the Ottawa Cyclocross Facebook page. They will need to me to express interest, with team names/rider numbers.  First come, first served.


KIN Vineyards, 2225 Craig Side Rd, Carp, ON K0A 1L0.

Please note: There is no parking at the Vineyards and the adjacent drive way, that is private property. Parking is just down the hill.