Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series

2017 Photos

Link to photos by Scott McMann: multiple races

Race 1  Renfrew Fairgrounds:
photo gallery by Robert Roaldi

Race 2 Ma-Te-Way Park, Renfrew
photo gallery by Robert Roaldi

Race 3 Lamoureux Park, Cornwall
photo gallery by Robert Roaldi

Race 6 Logosland, Cobden
3 photo galleries by Robert Roaldi

Race 8  Alfred Taylor Park, North Gower
3 photo galleries by Robert Roaldi

North Gower photos taken by Ian Austen

Race 10 (Almonte) photos by Robert Roaldi

2016 Photos

Link to photos by Scott McMann of McMann Photography. 
There are photos of Races 1, 3 and 9.

Robert Roaldi
3 photo galleries from Calabogie
3 photo galleries from Race Week 2 at the Renfrew Fairgrounds (Madison races).
Renfrew Ma-Te-Way park Race Week 3
First 2 races at Cornwall Lamoureux Park Oct 16th
3 galleries of photos from Logos Land Oct 23rd
3 galleries of photos from Perth Oct. 30th
Fort Henry, Kingston, 3 galleries of photos Nov 6, 2016
North Gower photos, November 13, 2016
Snowy Almonte photos, 3 galleries, November 20, 2016

North Gower Photos by Ian Austen

Photos from Previous Years

Video of 2015 cyclocross season highlights.  Thanks to Brian Schlachta for creating this video.

Upper Canada Village photos by Robert Roaldi.

Video of Upper Canada Village women’s race by Rick Hellard.

Alain Villeneuve’s photos of Races #3 and #4 in Kingston

Videos of the Perth races from Rick Hellard

Conlon Farm Park in Perth: Race photos  by Robert Roaldi

Almonte race photos Nov 8, 2015  by Robert Roaldi

Cornwall video by Brian Schlachta

Cornwall videos by Rod Diaz  Most of the first lap and the finish.RE: Some assiatance?

Cornwall video by David Charles – Full lap and finish

Ma-te-way Park, Renfrew video by Brian Schlachta

North Gower second race photos by Scott McMann of McMann Photography.

Photos of Races 2 and 3 on October 11th, 2015 at North Gower by Alain Villeneuve

Photos by rider Scott McMann at Renfrew Fairgrounds October 4, 2105.  McMann Photography

First day 2015 at Calabogie Peaks, Sept. 27th 2015. Photos by Robert Roaldi.

The annual, season ender spectacular from Brian Schlachta

The third race at Upper Canada Village, 17 Nov 2014 and a Guidon Park, Cornwall and Logosland gallery

The first race at Upper Canada Village on Nov. 17 2014 by Paul Schwartz

Brian Schlachta brings too many cameras to Perth and the result is a 360 degree view

Guindon Park in Cornwall may be largely flat but Brian Schlachta’s cameras and captions show why it’s ill suited to single speed bikes.

Ma-Te-Way Park, Renfrew, 2014 from Scott McMann

A forward and backwards video look at the first lap in Cornwall on 5 Oct. 2014 from Brian Schlachta

Bob Begin’s photos from Cornwall, 5 Oct. 2014

Some other pix from the second and third races at Cornwall, 5 Oct. 2014

Ma-Te-Way Park, Renfrew, 29 Sept 2014 by Amenh Tsan

Almonte, Oct. 27, 2013 by Robert Roaldi

Several galleries of 2013 series pix by Christine Lefebvre

The battle between the women and the sand at North Gower from Brian Schlachta

Take the first lap of North Gower with Brian Schlachta

Brian Schlachta looks forward and backward at the Renfrew Fairground Madison

Calabogie, 2013, from Marie Donnelly

Upper Canada Village, 2012, from Paul Schwartz

Bradley Wiggins tries cross, doesn’t like it

Brian Schlachta takes you through the new forest section of Paris-Roubaix

Perry McKenna’s 2012 Paris-Roubaix gallery
Double click on the photos for better viewing

Brian Schlachta’s highlights of the 2011 season

Colin Funk goes to Belgium and blogs about it

Follow Vicki Thomas through her blog

Roger de vlaeminck does a little training, then some reading

Drinking and Racing in France

Newsreels of the Cyclocross de Montmartre 1942,1943, 1944 and 1945

Ride the real Paris-Roubaix route with Michael Barry and Team Sky

Jamie Johnson from the second race at Almonte and the debut race at Renfrew

2010 Video from 53×11, including the first snowy race at Kanata

Something muddy from Britain

Something old from Paris

1968 World Championship (note the economical use of string to mark the race circuit)

More mud and many fences from Britain

The Perth Sandpit in 2010 as captured by Andrew Olive’s cellphone

Evan McNeely’s Amazing Barcam does a lap of Britannia, visits Brockville and elsewhere

Dave Sangster 2010 Season

Brockville 2010 video by Filip Funk

Something frightening from Flanders

Something boggy from Britain

Perry McKenna: 2008 Season
2009 Season

Aaron Fillion

Caroline Ross 2009

2009 Provincials Video from J.P. Schroeder

2009 Kingston Challenge Video from Filip Funk

2009 Ottawa Valley Paris-Roubaix and 2008 Cyclocross Highlights (videos)

Joël Sidhu 2008 (including Paris-Roubaix)

More pix from the 2008 series:

2008 Kingston Challenge: