CX Rules

A reminder about the rules

Eastern Ontario Cyclocross SeriesBecause our races combine a number of categories and riders of disparate abilities, it is up to the faster riders to find a safe way around when passing, exactly like the rules governing motorists. Safe passing means not shouting at the slower riders to change lines or elbowing or shoving them out of the way or even to the ground, as has happened. Nor does it involve chopping the slower riders off in corners or in difficult sections. Sometimes this leads to small delays or requires fast riders to pick less than optimal lines. But this is a friendly series intended to encourage participation.

These are not cross country ski races, so there is no ‘track’ to pass. When slower riders are being lapped by faster riders, the slower riders should maintain their line. Fasters rider should only pass when conditions enable them to do so safely. It is up to the faster rider to find a way around the slower traffic. Do not shout at slower riders to move aside.

Any style of bicycle – road, mountain, fixed gear or cross – may be used provided that it is safe, in good repair and has working brakes for each wheel.

Riders must wear approved helmets at all times, including warm-up and cool-down.

Warm-up is not allowed on the course if any riders are still racing. During warm up, please give the course markers plenty of room as you pass by. Anyone riding dangerously will not be allowed to start.

Bunny hopping the barriers is prohibited. Riders must dismount and cross over all the barriers on foot. Everyone must cross over the barriers and not go around them. Separate barriers are provided for U11 and U13 riders.

The circuits are marked with a combination of red/pink and green flags as well as stakes and caution tape. You are traveling in the correct direction if the red/pink flags are on your right. Riders may not ride outside of the flags or tape.

There will be a pit for spare wheels and bikes. Please DO NOT place them near the finish line as it creates confusion for the timekeepers. You cannot go against the race direction on the circuit to get a spare bike or wheel.

Please remember that these are friendly races. So more experienced riders should expect occasional delays and be prepared to cut younger riders and newcomers some slack.