CX Registration

Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series - Registration

  • Both single race and series registrations are only available online through CCNbikes
  • All online registration will close at 11:59 p.m. every Wednesday prior to the Sunday races and reopen the following Monday.
  • There are NO late entries or race day entries.
  • Once registered online, riders will pick up their race numbers and chip at the first race they attend. *Please allow extra time on race morning to do this, as all riders will need to show their license/permit and sign a waiver.
  • There will be two opportunities for pre-registered riders (Season and Race 1) to pick up their numbers ahead of the first race, on Sept. 23rd, 2016 from 3-8- p.m. and Sept 24th from 10-1, both at The Cyclery.
  • Note – there will be no pick up between races on the first day, Sept. 25th, due to the volume of riders and our need to keep on schedule. If you do not pick up your numbers and chip at the early sessions, you will need to do so before 8:30.
  • A rider can pick up numbers and the chip for another rider, provided they have in their possession the UCI license or Citizen Permit for that rider.

* ALL ENTRANTS, EXCEPT FOR U13 AND U11 RIDERS, MUST HAVE A VALID UCI LICENCE OR ONTARIO CYCLING ASSOCIATION (OCA) CITIZEN’S PERMIT WHICH MUST BE PRESENTED FOR IN-PERSON REGISTRATION OR, FOR ONLINE REGISTRANTS, IN ORDER TO PICK UP RACE NUMBERS. Riders also have an option to buy an OCA Single Day License (maximum 3) in order to complete an online single day registration.  The cost of this permit cannot be put towards a Citizen Permit later.

Note to Quebec riders: If you do not have a UCI License, you must buy an OCA Citizen Permit. These are available to non-Ontario riders.

Riders in the U11 and U13 categories do not require any licence or permit, but they must register for the races and a waiver must be signed by the parent/guardian in order to ride.

All Riders 18 and under must have an OCA waiver form signed by a parent/guardian in order to ride.

Ontario Citizen Permit and single day race licenses can be purchased through the ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM at the same time as a series or single race registration.


We use the UCI age based system for the series.

Cyclocross categories differ from regular road and mountain bike UCI categories since the international season crosses into the next year. That is, it runs from September 2016 until January 2017. So the selected date for age categories is in the year in which the international season ends, making it December 31, 2017 this season.

Male Categories

U11 Boys (born 2007 and later)
U13 Male (born 2005 – 2006)
U15 Male (born 2003 – 2004)
U17 Male (born 2001 – 2002)
U19 Junior Men (born 1999- 2000)
Senior Men (born 1988 – 1998)
Masters Men A (born 1978- 1987)
Masters Men B (born 1968 – 1977)
Masters Men C (born 1958 – 1967)
Masters Men D (born 1948 – 1957)
Masters Men E (born 1947 and earlier)
Novice Men (born 1978 – 1998 and have not done cyclocross before)

Female Categories

U11 Girls (born 2007 and later)
U13 Female (born 2005 – 2006)
U15 Female (born 2003- 2004)
U17 Female (born 2001 – 2002)
U19 Junior Women (born 1999 – 2000)
Senior Women  (born 1988 – 1998)
Women A (born 1978 – 1987)
Women B  (born 1968 – 1977)
Women C (born 1958 – 1967)
Women D (born 1957 and earlier)

Entry Fees:  This year fees will be increased to cover the costs associated with chip timing. Single race riders will be required to pay a deposit for their chip when registering, refundable upon return of the chip.

U11: Single Race:  $6, Series: $18
U13: Single Race:  $8, Series: $28
U15 and U17: Single Race:  $12, Series: $38
U19 (Junior): Single Race:  $15, Series: $55
All others: Single Race   $25, Series: $98